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Stop Saying, “From Tomorrow Onwards I’ll do…”

Yesterday, while talking to my neighbor, he said, “From tomorrow onwards, I’m going to walk 10,000 steps a day.”

A sudden thought flashed through my mind: “He’s never going to do that.” However, I simply said, “Superb” and......Read on...

Sunday Scaries: How to Deal with the Fear of Going To Work

How many of you wait for your weekends on weekdays? Do you feel uneasy on Sundays, thinking about going to work the next day?

Apart from the fear of going to work, some of you might also feel disappointed that you’ve wasted your Sunday.

Let’s find solutions for both of these problems. Read on....

Why Should You Meditate?

With evidence-based arguments — When I ask people why they should meditate, the common answer is to reduce stress. However, does this mean that only people with stress should meditate to recover from it?

I Improved My Sleep With These 3 Simple Habits

Imagine this: after getting exhausted from work, you came to get some sleep. But guess what? Your mind starts recalling the entire day’s events or your worries in a loop.

Have you ever experienced this?

5 Meditation Tips for People Who Don’t (Yet) Like to Meditate

Meditation is similar to that book on the shelf. Based on a recommendation, we started meditation, but somehow separated ways after that.

Are there any simple ways to start meditating for beginners who think it’s a boring process?

How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome?

Have you ever experienced a fear that you’re not capable of handling your current position? It can be in any area, whether it’s work, business, studies, etc.

The Hidden Truth of Luxury: The Man in the Car Paradox Revealed

Last week, I reread one of my favorite books, “The Psychology of Money” by Morgan Housel. In this book, the author shared an interesting example that has since become widely known as the “Man in the Car Paradox.”